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Would you like to set up a flipped class method using interactive tutorials developed with Captivate? Have a live experience in a personalized training? This allows time to be focused on interactive discussions, problem solving and practical application of concepts. Often participants leave the training with a good basic knowledge. Let Lieve Weymeis, aka Lilybiri help you with this.

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A flipped class method using Adobe Captivate for more dynamic activities

Revolutionize your approach and immerse learners in a world of interactive content and dynamic activities. Immerse your learners with interactive elements such as quizzes, simulations, scenarios, branching, and clickable content. Also embedding new features can be useful. Transform passive learning into active exploration, ensuring knowledge absorption that lasts. With online training in Adobe Captivate, I help you accomplish this and highlight what content is important. Armed with insights, tailor activities that cater to specific learning needs, ensuring every participant thrives. Engage me for any help and I'll provide a basic training in Adobe Captivate that will teach you all the tricks.




Let me guide you in this method

Do you want to improve Captivate eLearning projects and are you looking for help in solving various problems? You can engage me for advice or support. Discover my blog where I also provide useful tips & tricks. Or fill out my contact form. Dive into Adobe Captivates capabilities and witness the flipped class method come to life in ways you've never imagined.