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Are you looking for a basic training of Adobe Captivate given by Lieve Weymeis aka Lilybiri? In this course you will learn the basics of this program to get a good start on an eLearning project. The content of this training is based on years of experience with the program and includes the most relevant and important topics.

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A basic training of Adobe Captivate for beginners

In this Adobe Captivate online course, we mostly start with software simulations which will be converted to a software simulation project which is converted to a Show, Try and Test project. This allows you to explore interactive and static objects. You will also learn about the impact of audio, video and animations. You will be using the Captivate’s Timeline, creating an efficient Assessment using quizzes and more is included as well. After completing this basic training on Adobe Captivate, you will have enough knowledge to get started with a more advanced course on Adobe Captivate, in which we go into more depth. These trainings can be offered either live or online. I always use a flipped class method. Build and publish your own eLearning on your own platform soon and become an expert in Adobe just like me.




Take advantage of my customized training

Would you like to work smarter and build an intelligent platform that offers a unique design experience? Call on my professional advice and participate in a basic training of Adobe Captivate. Fill out my contact form and take advantage of my customized training. You can also participate in a group training with a maximum of twelve trainees.