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To extend Adobe Captivate’s functionality- especially the interactions, you need to earn to create and use scripts. With Adobe Captivate's robust scripting capabilities, you're in control of crafting engaging learning experiences like never before. Break free from the confines of standard interactions and let Lieve Weymeis, aka Lilybiri help you.

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Using scripts in Adobe Captivate to enhance its power

Unleash your potential by mastering system and user variables. Adobe Captivate's point-and-click programming language lets you craft simple, advanced, and shared actions, enhancing interactivities beyond defaults. Watch these actions convert to JavaScript on runtime, while also discovering how to integrate pure Javascript into your projects. Ready to revolutionize your interactive tutorials? Elevate it with Adobe Captivate scripts and create an immersive learning experience beyond expectations. Let me help you develop scripts and rely on my knowledge during a training in Adobe Captivate.




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Are you already advanced in the use of Adobe Captivate? That's great. I do not only teach you scripts in Adobe Captivate, but I also show you how to develop themes that do not only make your eLearning project visually appealing, but also attract more users. I’m an expert in Adobe Captivate and would really like to help you. Discover my blog with useful tips & tricks. Simply fill out my contact form for more information.