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Here is an overview of my activities in supporting Adobe product users, especially Adobe Captivate users:

  • Adobe forums: as an Adobe Community Expert (formerly Community Professional) I have been providing numerous answers to questions on Adobe forums (mainly Adobe Captivate) for about 13 years. Since 2015 I am moderator on the forums. I was inducted to the Temple of Legends (special category on Wall of Fame).
  • Twitter:
    • I publish tips with hashtags #cptips and #AdobeCaptivate almost daily
    • Since the establishment of #ACPHelp on Twitter, I also provide help with that hashtag.
  • LinkedIn: as a member of several Captivate and eLearning discussion groups I regularly help in solving problems and take part in discussions.
  • Events: I am a regular presenter at Adobe, eLearning Guild and other eLearning events.
  • Webinars: I presented several webinars for Adobe, eLearning Guild and others about Advanced Captivate.
  • I published several blogs on Creative Pipeline and in the eLearning Community.
  • At Adobe MAX events in the USA I am the ACP that deals with any Captivate questions and may act as technical assistant in Photoshop sessions.
  • While teaching at university college: I was also an AEL (Adobe Education Leader), and presently am an alumna AEL.
  • My blog is considered to be a reference for advanced Captivate workflows and use cases.
  • End 2017, Captivate users voted to get me on the Top Content Experience Strategists list.

 Adobe Community Expert Badge                         Top Strategist