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In this type of training, focus is on the needs of the trainees/company. Not everyone needs training on exactly the same topics. This is certainly the case for more advanced training, because the skill level of the trainee can vary depending on previous training and experience with Captivate. Working on sample projects designed by the trainer is not the best way to enhance skills. Having a training based on the projects on which the trainee has worked on, or is working on, not only saves time but is more interesting and engaging.

This type of training will start with a take-in meeting, and screening of the used workflows in projects developed by the trainee. I will offer proposals for topics (focus on good practice, increasing development efficiency). Existing projects will be revamped by me, and based on those improvements training sessions (2-3 hours) are organized. In between those sessions trainees will continue their training by applying the new workflows. This will lead to highly interactive meetings, focused on problem solving and preparing the next topic. Topics are chosen - whenever possible –in collaboration with  the trainees,  as I prefer not to impose them. All depends of course on the level of the training: for a more basic training my role in choosing topics will be more decisive.