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Christie Fidura

Director, Developer Marketing at Salesforce

Lieve Weymeis is an eLearning expert who is as adept at working with tools and technology as she is a creator of content. Although technically Lieve was a client of mine in my position as Adobe eLearning EMEA Marketing Manager, we did not have a typical client/supplier business relationship. Instead, Lieve was one of my go-to resources for technical questions on the Adobe Community Forum; technical questions arising from one of my other customers; and as an expert speaker and presenter. Lieve even was a volunteer staffing the Adobe eLearning booth at several trade shows. She is always happy to travel and present, sharing her knowledge and expertise. She never seems to tire and is highly energetic! She puts people at ease right away, making very complicated technology and/or process seem easy to understand. 

I always enjoyed working with Lieve and feel she is a great asset to any company, especially where technology and face-to-face relationship building are both key focus areas.

I would not hesitate to recommend Lieve - she is a fantastic asset.

Akshay Bharadwaj

Principal Product Manager and Business Owner at Adobe Systems

Lieve is one of the leading experts in the eLearning domain and more specifically, Adobe Captivate. Lieve has spoken at various industry and Adobe conferences over the years. She has been selflessly sharing her expertise on Adobe Forums for more than a decade now. She has helped thousands of users create effective eLearning content in English, Dutch and French. Her no-nonsense approach has helped her build trust with Adobe’s community worldwide. Her specialty is personalized training. 

If you are looking for help with eLearning training and consulting services, Lieve is the one you should reach out to.

On behalf of the Adobe Community, a big thank you to Lieve for her support over the years.


Vico van den Eventuin

Instructeur E-Learning ontwikkeling bij Defensie I Mobile Learning l Performance Support l Adobe Captivate

I first "spotted" Lieve on social media and the Adobe Captivate forum. She was constantly helping people who had questions or problems with the Adobe Captivate software. Several times I asked a question on the forum myself and in ALL cases I got a spot on response mostly within hours!
This was the main reason why we hired Lieve to get our E-Learning developers up to speed with the newest version of Captivate. She developed specific lessons that fitted our needs perfectly. After that I asked her to help and present at the Captivate user day 2016 and 2017 in the Netherlands. She also did a fantastic job and did host several workshops during these days.
Whenever I need advice on Adobe Captivate Lieve is my first stop and she never disappointed me! If you ever need a specialist, especially on the Adobe Captivate Software, Lieve is your person to go to! Keep up the good work Lieve, also love what you do with your Blog on Captivate.

Dr. Carolina Ardila

Simulation Fellow SToRK ( Simulation Training on Resuscitation for Kids)  Children’s Health Queensland -  Australia

I would highly recommend Lilybiri’s personalised training, for me it has made a huge difference. Lieve made me realise that I had serious gaps in my basic understanding of the programme. Captivate for me is one of the best elearning tools,  but you need to know the programme inside out to be able to troubleshoot.

After doing the course with Lieve, I can see where I was being let down by my knowledge of the software; despite the courses I did in the past; and then I was able to save time and work more efficiently. Previously it was taking me months to create a module, now I can do it with a weeks.
I am able to work and develop my own projects, then the best advantage of all, Lieve will review the project and give me a feedback. We work together to see how it will be the best way to achieve the same results in a more easy and efficient way. We discussed the topics that are relevant to my courses. I am not only having the best captivate developer looking at my project but I am learning all of the tips. Another great advantage for me is that she is very flexible with time so we can arrange the meetings at the time that is convenience for both of us, that give me the flexibility to work in my own projects and also give her time to review them. For me these classes are a must to do if you are serious into developing great quality eLearning. 

Paul Gill

National Technical Manager at M2 - UK

The concept of e-learning within our company was still in its infancy and therefore the evaluation carried out to find the most apposite training programme for our staff was equally as important as the due diligence carried out into the purchase and implementation of our chosen e-learning tool.
We appraised many different levels of training and support packages offered by a variety of specialist companies. Lieve Weymeis was the only provider to propose a truly bespoke offering.
Our sessions revolved around our own materials and current projects and not pre-constructed resources; these were delivered in short, easy to digest lessons which ensured that Lieve retained the learners’ focus. The training sessions were scheduled around our availability and not timetabled; allowing for flexibility regarding the project pace and also for self-assessment and execution of newly learned actions and tasks before the next session. 
Lieve’s knowledge is clearly derived from working within the e-learning field with Adobe Captivate, through its many versions, for a number of years. A wealth of experience such as this enables Lieve to move effortlessly through sessions and topics providing clear explanations and advantages of various options, techniques, ideas and processes while responding to impromptu questions and issues. 
On completion of the Advanced Captivate course our staff showed more proficiency and productivity in the use of Captivate and were more assured and positive in their capabilities to create and deliver inspiring and engaging e-learning courses.