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Are you looking for an advanced training on Adobe Captivate given by Lieve Weymeis aka Lilybiri? Adobe Captivate is world's most awarded eLearning authoring tool which allows you to train employees anywhere on any device. In this advanced training, I'll go in-depth on working with Captivate's various features and emphasize creating themes, libraries, scripts, use of AI and model projects.

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An advanced training on Adobe Captivate for professionals

Thanks to this advanced training on Adobe Captivate, you become familiar with different topics such as using internal and external libraries, when to use scripts and other troubleshooting. Based on the intake interview and your skills multiple use cases will be prepared by you and discussed during the training session. You can perform these applications if you have already had a basic training of Adobe Captivate. For this advanced training of Adobe Captivate, you can opt for a group training that is delivered both live and online, but equally, I may set up an Adobe Captivate online course.




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With this advanced training of Adobe Captivate, it is possible to develop more extensive interactions and share them between projects. Learn to use AI to develop themes in Adobe Captivate and create flexible layouts that adapt to the devices and their browser resolution. Are you interested in such an advanced training of Adobe Captivate given by an expert of Adobe Captivate? Fill out my contact form and sign up for my course. Check my blog to find out the level of my expertise.